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Meet the team!


Mind Your Music have a dedicated team with plenty of experience in both music and mental health, as well as those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.. We are extremely passionate about the work we do. Currently this is our core team:

Mind Your Music are an organisation that promote better mental health through the creation and performance of music. We are based in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We work with survivors of mental health diffculties regardless of their previous musical experience to produce high quality music. Some of the activities we have provided include music workshops, individual tuition, recording opportunities and live gigs, as well as workshops in other settings for example rehab centers.


The group was founded in July 2003. Like most good charitable organisations we started off with a few well intentioned people in a room with a very small amount of money. In 2013 Mind Your Music secured funding to employ a part-time worker. To our knowledge we are the only group in the country to receive this status.  We would like to thank the following funders who have supported our work during the past decade: Arts Council England, The Funding Network, The National Lotttery, Quartet, The Graham Burroughs charitable Trust and the Co-operative bank.

We were recently chosen as this year's benefactors for the Redland Green Choir and their annual collection. Incredibly, they raised almost £500 following their wonderful concert and we are absolutely delighted.

Mind Your Music workshop leaders Elliot Hall and Sarah Larkham are also available to run workshops in other settings.


To find out in more detail what work we are doing visit the Projects  page.

Music therapy? 

Essentially my late teenage years and early 20's were spent in psychiatric care, with over 10 hospital admissions. Then, nearly fifteen years ago I decided to pick up the guitar and never put it down...I did it out of sheer desperation - it was the only thing that could make me feel good. I made music the centre of my life. 
I now am a professional musician, winner of songwriter 2011, a competition featuring over 100 singer-songwriters from Bristol. I have played concert halls and received rave reviews even from NME. I live in a fantastic part of Bristol, with a loving partner and her four kids, go on holidays and watch the sun rise. During the past 10 years, I've never given up on the music, it has never given up on me - I have never again needed psychiatric care. 
I believe passionately in the healing power of music and now I want to pass on that gift to others'

Elliot Hall 

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