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We offer a range of programmes including music workshops, band experience, individual tuition, social meet-ups, parties and picnics, gigging and songwriting advice, and concerts, most of which are open to the public. We have an excellent track record involving service users in a range of work from community based concerts and social meet-ups (such as christmas parties) for friends and family, to large scale, high quality performances in some of Bristol's top venues, including The Colston Hall, The SouthBank Centre, The Louisiana, The Thunderbolt and Mr Wolfs, giving our service users a voice and a platform to bring their musical ambitions to fruition on stage in front of an audience.

We are proud to have introduced hundreds of service users to the power of live musical creation and performance over the last 18 years, building a strong community of people and helping to tackle the stigmas and discrimination they face.


We have taken our service users to a bespoke festival, along with our affiliated organisation Stepping Out Theatre ( for 2016's Tower Of Harmony, and we have put on lavish, full-day performance spectaculars for the general public. 

In 2018 and 2019, we took our shows to the grand environs of Kingsweston House, where other bands, including a string quartet, a jazz ensemble, and a celebrated band from the 1980s, joined us.

Many of our events include hot and cold buffets provided by our project leaders. 


Some of our service users feel that they struggle in social settings, and we provide a platform for friendship and strong social connections for these people, many of whom keep in touch regularly via our Whatsapp group, and some go on to accompany each other to open mic nights and gigs outside of our official meet-ups. Many strong friendships have been formed over the years, and our members are enthusiastic supporters of each other in life and in music. 

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