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'Thankyou so much for welcoming me and my client into your music group on Friday. I have found it extremely difficult to support my client into music groups within Frome as there is simply nothing that meets this need, apart from yourselves. I am a strong believer of music therapy and have seen the benefits to this first hand, whilst working on rehabilitation wards within somerset. Seeing how music can support recovery and maintain a persons mental health. My client was very impressed to the layout of the group and how it isn’t just, in his words “banging drums”. He really enjoyed the fact that you are making music with harmonies, instruments, ideas and adapting these to whomever participates on the day. As I have said previously, your group is niche and I have not been able to find anything similar that promotes peoples musical talents within the area. Other musically minded groups do not offer clients playing instruments, rather singing or dancing too instead. This highlights the lack of resources in somerset for the talented musicians among us who are experiencing difficult mental health challenges. Finally, I just wanted to say after 6 months of working with my client and the difficulties he has, I have never seen him open up and be as comfortable as he was on Friday. This shows the importance of keeping groups like “Mind Your Music” running in Frome and the benefits it can have for clients with complex needs.'
'The Mind Your Music groups have been invaluable for me. They are the difference between great depression and positive stability. They lift my spirits so much.  This group is important therapy for me.' 

'I started these 'Music Workshops in Trinity Hall, Frome the end of 2022 into 2023, to now 2024 with Sarah and Elliott, who lead the workshops, they are brilliant and so empowering. First time I attended I was so nervous and apprehensive... always feel welcome! Elliott's drumming is so fun, uplifting and energising. I always loose myself and forget about everyday challenges. Sarah's warm up singing techniques are fun, then into singing a variety of songs together. It amazes me every time how much I enjoy singing, as she is so encouraging and wonderful. Sarah and Elliot are just simply perfect workshop leaders, with compassion and kindness with creativity running through their veins, alongside being supportive. Being part of the end of show event December 2023 together as a group with Sarah and Elliott was surprisingly achievable and I found the courage to do a little solo myself. Everyone was amazing!' 

'At the end of the workshop, I feel so very present and connected to my own inner creativity, which is adorable, lasts for days with traces of inspiration lasting much longer. There is a huge difference from the start to the finish, so much gratitude. My confidence in singing continues to grow by singing in everyday life in-between workshops and even sharing songs with Sarah and Elliott, of which we've explored all together in the group sessions!' 


'I absolutely love our mind your music groups and quite honestly don't know what I'd do without them. It is the one place I feel safe in and through your gentle guidance I have found respite whilst developing some musical skills and even some confidence! Thank you for holding such a magical, safe space.'

'I've enjoyed the group so much and for many different reasons. At the beginning I was looking for anything to get me out of my flat and meeting people. I have high anxiety and low confidence so I tend to stay away from people as much as possible but it makes life very lonely. I thought the workshop sounded interesting and didn't really know if it would be for me or not. I love it. I haven't had the confidence to sing since I was a kid even though I was told i sang well when i was younger. The mix of the drums and the singing is perfect. The drums have a grounding effect that kind of sets up the singing and it works really well. I've found myself humming and singing the songs we cover in the group to myself all time which has been a really nice surprise for me. Drumming and singing in the group where there are no expectations is a great way to build confidence. I still feel very self conscious especially when singing but its really positive and I'm just taking it a step at a time. I look forward to the workshop every time, in fact I've recently brought my mum along because i think it might be something really positive for her too.'

Funded by Open Mental Health
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