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'I was so impressed by MYM when I attended one of their performance evenings earlier this year. Rarely have I been part of something that had such a sense of inclusivity about it. It's 100% for real and is changing lives through shared creativity'‬ 


'Wonderful group doing fantastic things with lovely people, chuffed to be a supporter,keep up the great work'


'Mind Your Music have been my most consistent mental health support for the last three years. It’s the difference between life and death for me'


'Mind Your Music helps me remember who I am when my illness makes me forget'


'Mind Your Music gave me the confidence to be me and to exist as me' 


'Over the last two years, I learnt about Mind Your Music through my ex-girlfriend, who was also a member of the band. 

When I saw the Mind Your Music Collective band performing at the South Bank Centre, I was really inspired to take part. So far, I've operated as a back-up singer to sing at different gigs like Christmas and at the Elephant House. 

I enjoy the spirit of singing and I couldn't be more grateful to Elliot and Sarah for welcoming me with open arms and giving me the chance to shine! I heard Sarah is also doing singing sessions, as such, I'd love the chance to learn more, to improve and get better than ever'


'Friendship, encouragement, acceptance, wonderful soulful music & the chance to grow & heal as an accepted individual in your own rite. To put it simply... MAGIC! During my time with Mind Your Music I've grown enormously. I've learned how to create a proper song, how to play guitar acceptably, how to play different African drums & other percussion instruments. I've learned how to blend my voice with others to make a great sound & how to confidently perform either as part of the group & then at a local venue with my own slot doing my own songs. The best thing at MYM is the sheer enthusiasm & natural loving care that just oozes through the network of friendships growing there. It's AMAZING!' 


'When I see how much enjoyment and inner peace Mind Your Music clients get out of the group's sessions, I go home smiling myself'


'Mind Your Music helps people build up confidence in themselves and provides many with opportunities they may never have had otherwise - I think MYM is amazing!' 


'Mind Your Music is a great facility helping to improve and brighten the lives of musical people with mental health issues and spreads the happiness to their friends and family and beyond!' 


'Mind your music provide what mental health services often don't. A truly socially inclusive group that is led by service-users, and which fosters values of hope and courage. At MYM there is a culture of acceptance. Members of MYM feel valued, inspired, equal, and a valuable member of society. If only we could embed this culture in all mental health services. People at MYM feel that their lives can be meaningful, fruitful and fulfilled whatever else is going on for them' 


'As soon as I get there I feel lifted up'


'The best thing in my life apart from my cat'


'Mind Your Music supports everyone to express themselves which helps us all, because when we hear we feel alive and when we express and interact we feel a part of life. Mind Your Music makes this happen'

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