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Our Workshop Leaders

At Mind Your Music, we are a small team of music professionals who are dedicated to improving the well-being of our participants through taking part in the creation and performance of music. Our team consists of experienced musicians with mental health experience who are passionate about using music to promote mental health and wellness.

Elliot Hall

Elliot Hall
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Elliot Hall is an award-winning songwriter with over 20 years of experience in music tuition and music workshop facilitation. He has a background in serious mental health and experience of dealing with the psychiatric system. He has led hundreds of workshops in a variety of challenging settings, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation, dementia care settings, schools, secure units, with individuals with disabilities, hospitals and in mental health.  He is a performing musician and has written over two thousand songs since he first started songwriting in his early twenties.

 Elliot founded Mind Your Music in 2003 when his own serious mental illness showed signs of improvement when he played his guitar.  In using music therapy techniques he was able to manage his stress, anxiety, and depression, and even the psychosis he was suffering as a result of his diagnosis of schizophrenia. Elliot now takes no medication and brings his brand of informal music therapy to Mind Your Music sessions. He  is also an accomplished musician playing acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and harmonica and is passionate about using his musical skills to help others.

Watch a music video of one of Elliot's songs here.

You can watch a short film of Elliot's personal story here. 

Sarah Larkham

Sarah Larkham
Youtube: @sarah larkham official 


Sarah is a music educator and professional musician with a background in the arts and literature. She has worked with students of all ages and abilities, using singing and music to help them develop their skills and confidence. Sarah is also a talented singer and composer, and enjoys sharing her love of music with others. She has worked with Elliot since 2012 in drug and alcohol settings, in schools and in mental health music workshops.

You can watch one of Sarah's music videos here.

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